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55inch wall-mounted android system multimedia advertising machine

product details

Product overview:

1.Support LAN/WAN, wired/WIFI function

2. Play various resource include video audio image text

Video format:mkv,mov,3gp,mp4,avi,divx,ts,tp,trp,m2ts,dat,mpg,mpeg,vob,wmv,

asf,rm,rmvb,flv,ogm etc

Audio format:.mp3、.aac、.ac3

Image file:bmp、.jpeg

text:txt text

3.Send processor backstage operation manual without cost, convenient to operate

4. Processor real-time management and control all display terminal

5.Enlarge to support 2.5inch disc or CF card

6.Output: CVBS/RCA stereo audio video


8. Processor can monitor play-list terminal and panel point info

9.Processor can send the rolling caption info to terminal display

10.Support video/image/text rolling caption to display with split screen or full screen

11.When the network is broken, the device can play the editing advertisement by stand-alone version and timing play editing content

12. Automatic or manually update content through network

13. Text setting can choose word size and background color

14.High security, system is complete and closed

15.Support text and images rolling play and insertion function, support custom play mould  

16.Client maintenance fee, client software can online update




asf,rm,rmvb,flv,ogm etc。

Video format:mpeg-1,mpeg-2,mpeg-4(XVID),ms-mpeg4v1, ms-mpeg4v2, ms-mpeg4v3,

Sorensom H.263,H.263,H.264(AVC),WMV7/8,wmv9(VC-1),RV(8/9/10),Divx-3,Divx-4,Divx-5,

On2 VP6 etc;

Audio format:mp1,mp2,mp3,AAC,AC-3,DTS,Vorbis,WMA,cook,FLAC,EVRC,AMR,



Memory medium:SD,USB

3.Network:RJ45,wifi(Usb port),3G(Usb Dongle)

Support split screen play,ftp download etc

prea: 42inch wall-mounted android system high definition advertisi...


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